Taking alternatives for a walk…

One of the great things about rapid software prototyping is that it can be relatively quick to do. This speed means that it’s not only possible, but often beneficial, to create alternative prototypes to help shape a design.

Alternative prototyping can help users and business stakeholders visualise different ways to approach some task or activity, promote discussion and debate. It gives them a real sense of being part of the design process and having a say in the outcomes. In short, it gets them onboard and involved.

So, if there is a difficulty in making a decision on the way forward, why not prototype a number of options and let the users and business stakeholders decide?

About John Clark

My name is John Clark and I previously ran a software house called Reynard Thomson, from which this blog originally grew. In the meantime, we launched a video-based user testing service (Kupima) which didn't really take off, and I have since moved into a new field specialising on software-based research & development consultancy. I'm active on LinkedIn, and would love to connect to anyone who has an interest in software prototyping or R&D: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/jtclarkuk/
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