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Review: LucidChart

You know that saying about waiting for ages for a bus to arrive and then three turn up at the same time? Well, something similar seems to be happening in the world of online wireframing. Recently we were very impressed … Continue reading

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The evolution of a homepage

Over the past couple of months I have received a few messages asking for real-world examples of wireframing and prototyping in action.  The difficulty has always been that much of this activity never really sees the light of day – … Continue reading

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Some useful wireframing resources

Some of you might find this useful – it’s a collection of useful templates and resources that you can use for your prototypes. Here’s a link – and thanks to SpeckyBoy design magazine for putting this together.

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Review: Balsamiq Mockups

Building great software is a tricky business.  Not only has the idea got to be good, the implementation of that idea must also deliver.  People are no longer satisfied with ordinary, basic-looking websites and applications; they’ve come to expect more … Continue reading

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PowerPoint – Just Say No

PowerPoint is the wrong kind of tool to use for any prototyping, akin to using a hammer to affix screws to a cabinet. Save yourself a lot of frustration, and don’t compromise the effectiveness of your software prototyping efforts by wasting your time with PowerPoint…

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Wireframe or Interactive Prototype?

We often talk about wireframe prototyping and rich, interactive prototyping, which are both powerful techniques for getting conceptual designs into a form that can be explored and expanded. This article tries to help by suggesting where either approach might work best… Continue reading

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Why Prototype?

Designing and implementing great software is fraught with difficulties. It’s a difficult process to get exactly right, for many reasons. This article gives you some good reasons why software prototyping may be the way forward… Continue reading

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