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The abuse of Excel in prototyping

I received a nice comment from a fellow called Mahesh who has posted an interesting article on his blog about prototyping using Microsoft Excel. ┬áNow, I don’t actually know Mahesh but anyone who writes about prototyping is a friend in … Continue reading

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The Software Prototyping Toolbox

This article looks at some of the tools that can form the foundations of an effective software prototyping ‘toolbox’. Continue reading

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PowerPoint – Just Say No

PowerPoint is the wrong kind of tool to use for any prototyping, akin to using a hammer to affix screws to a cabinet. Save yourself a lot of frustration, and don’t compromise the effectiveness of your software prototyping efforts by wasting your time with PowerPoint…

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Before you begin prototyping…

We should always ask questions before we begin any prototyping work. Here is a sample of the sort of questions to consider… Continue reading

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Do we really need prototyping software?

In a blog post a few months back, Karol Zielinski puts forward the idea that we don’t need prototyping software. It’s an interesting angle to take, and before we take a look at his arguments, it’s only fair to state … Continue reading

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