JustProto giveaway

Hey everyone, following our review of JustProto earlier this week, we’re delighted to say that the kind folks at JustProto have given us three free year-long subscriptions to give away to readers of this blog.  Simply make a comment and re-tweet and the first three people to do so will be sent instructions.  Of course, we’d love it if you did those things anyway (and helped us spread the word about prototyping) :-)

Each prize is worth over £150 and is first-come, first-served…

What are you waiting for?

UPDATE: All three free licenses have now been claimed.  However, even if you didn’t read this in time, I’d like to say that JustProto is well worth the small monthly fee so you should still check it out.

About John Clark

My name is John Clark and I previously ran a software house called Reynard Thomson, from which this blog originally grew. In the meantime, we launched a video-based user testing service (Kupima) which didn't really take off, and I have since moved into a new field specialising on software-based research & development consultancy. I'm active on LinkedIn, and would love to connect to anyone who has an interest in software prototyping or R&D: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/jtclarkuk/
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7 Responses to JustProto giveaway

  1. Deborah says:

    Would love a copy of JustProto!

  2. fri2go says:

    quite interesting for me. I want to try it :)

  3. A SaaS solution may well be preferable for sharing prototyping ideas. I certainly see growth being in the direction of the cloud. Looking forward to tying the service w/ some the design firms for whom we sub-contract.

  4. malkhaz says:

    Maybe something is left for me?

  5. Deborah says:

    Hi John,

    Why thank you! I’m excited to try out JustProto.

    Loved your review, and especially enjoyed your comments comparing it to Axure and Balsamiq.

  6. John Clark says:

    Hi Deborah, glad you liked it. I’m always running around with 101 different things I need to do but I intend to make a point of doing regular reviews of prototyping-related software – the next one is going to be App Sketcher, and that should be later this coming week :)

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