Getting the right feedback

Looking back over the past two years of, um, intermittent blogging, I’ve realised that I spend most of my time talking about the various benefits of using prototyping techniques and not so much time looking at the role of feedback and how to get the right kind of feedback at the right time.

We all know that it’s harder than ever to get the attention of users (new or existing) for our online creations, and so it’s becoming increasingly important to ensure that we really listen to what those users tell us and learn from any feedback they give us.

Over the coming weeks I plan to write a series of short articles about the value of getting effective feedback and some of the tools that can help you achieve this.

In the meantime, get in touch if you’ve got a relevant feedback-related story to tell; perhaps you’ve had to fight your corner to push for a usability review, or you’ve had the fun job of herding – I mean, organising – users in a feedback lab. ¬†Whatever, let me know how it went, what tools/techniques you used and whether it worked out in the end…

About John Clark

My name is John Clark and I previously ran a software house called Reynard Thomson, from which this blog originally grew. In the meantime, we launched a video-based user testing service (Kupima) which didn't really take off, and I have since moved into a new field specialising on software-based research & development consultancy. I'm active on LinkedIn, and would love to connect to anyone who has an interest in software prototyping or R&D:
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