After a long gap…

Greetings to everyone and welcome to the re-launch of after a nine-month-ish hiatus.  Sure, I can put up some excuses if you’re interested – in fact, yeah, I will.  What basically happened was other stuff.  Been working hard on the business, developing some ideas, doing a bit of consultancy and of course the best job of all, being a dad to my two boys.

However, at the back of my mind I always had a little demon urging me to jump-start the old blog.  So, after a minor wrestle trying to migrate from the old (hosted) site to the new server, I have got this puppy (shakily) back onto its legs and I’ll start adding in some content to fill in the (embarrassing) gap.  In the meantime, I’d appreciate any and all help you can give to help me get this out to anyone who has any interest in software design, development or simply wants to help.

Okay, thanks for reading this far and I hope to be able to get some decent blogging done soon…


About John Clark

My name is John Clark and I previously ran a software house called Reynard Thomson, from which this blog originally grew. In the meantime, we launched a video-based user testing service (Kupima) which didn't really take off, and I have since moved into a new field specialising on software-based research & development consultancy. I'm active on LinkedIn, and would love to connect to anyone who has an interest in software prototyping or R&D:
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3 Responses to After a long gap…

  1. Cordell says:

    Quality know-how! I have been looking for anything like that for a time currently. Excellent!

  2. Alan Byrd says:

    hello blogger, i’d been reading your posts on After a long gap… | and i genuinely liked them. one issue that i noticed whilst browsing throughout your blog that some of the hyperlinks aren’t working and return error error. this makes the reading experience a little bit sour. you’ve got a good blog and i will request you to revise the hyperlinks so that fascinated people can get all the info they want to have. Btw are you on twitter?? i would really like to follow you and get up-dates on your blog.

  3. John Clark says:

    Hi Alan, apologies for missing your comment (it got flagged as spam). I’m aware that some links are broken (it’s a legacy of the fact that I moved the blog from one platform to another and some permalinks had to be broken in doing so). I am trying to fix them as I encounter them but I’ve probably missed a fair few. Follow @webfeedback on Twitter, that’s me ;-)

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