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Pick your battles…

Designing software is a bit like fighting a war. There are battles on many fronts, and as the ‘general’ of your army, it’s important to direct your ‘troops’ where they will have the greatest impact, without leaving a gaping hole in your defences through which the enemy can pass… Continue reading

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Recent highlights

A little reminder to subscribe via RSS and some links to recent highlights. Continue reading

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PowerPoint – Just Say No

PowerPoint is the wrong kind of tool to use for any prototyping, akin to using a hammer to affix screws to a cabinet. Save yourself a lot of frustration, and don’t compromise the effectiveness of your software prototyping efforts by wasting your time with PowerPoint…

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Wireframe or Interactive Prototype?

We often talk about wireframe prototyping and rich, interactive prototyping, which are both powerful techniques for getting conceptual designs into a form that can be explored and expanded. This article tries to help by suggesting where either approach might work best… Continue reading

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